Already to define the database of this sales channel is not easy: around 23 to 24 % of the total German organic sales. But more important are the real sales highlihghts of this distributio. We recognize like in France in Germany the specialist shops taking their chance mainly in those categories where the normal retail does not have the best performance.



For instance organic cheese: Since the retails-group limited and closed down a lot of the service-areas in their shops clients see an advantage in the small organic shops for more individual shopping. That ist he reason why spreacialist sell around 80 % more cheese than their average market-share, and also remarkably moore meat and poultry.

Important parts of sale concerning organic fresh products in Organic Spezialist Shops are

cheese 31,8 %, meat 30 % und with 23,4 % poultry and 23,2% fresh milk-products in relation to an average of 17% fresh organic food sold in specialist shops – but that also shows that the real amount of the turnover of these „highlights“ is not that high. And of course this performance of the specialist shops is also due to the regulations fort he organic certification of service-areas which does cost a lot and a lot of spezial efforts.

Poultry 13,%, fresh vegetables 9,5 % and meat 9,2 are the top-sellers of farm-shops and direct farm sales doing 6.4% of the fresh products

Butchers are selling30% of the organic fresh meat and 15,1% of poultry holding in total 16 % of the total organic turnover, caused by the high prices or organic meat and poultry.

The open markets mainly sell poultry 10 % and fresh vegetables with a total part of 4,3% of the organic fresh products.

Taking together als these impressions weare getting a clearer picture telling us that obviously the normal retails seems to have a problem selling organic poultry. Maybe that could also be a question of confidence – because far to often we have been told about problems also effecting on organic poultry.