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2019 was a boom year for organic products in Germany and Europe And we also see a little more clearly with which products and areas organic is growing.

In terms of German organic sales, all product groups grew significantly in 2019: After the drought in 2018, German and European organic farmers harvested and sold significantly more fruit and vegetables in 2019, which boosted sales of organic apples, carrots and the like , In this way, the food retailer was able to expand its fruit and vegetable ranges. The organic potato harvest fell less [...]

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Biofach 2020: there is a lot in it – the incubator that the industry needs again and again

You could surely go over the fair and find out "There weren't really many fundamentally new products." Yes "and there was no such clear and visible trend ..." Everything is correct. Because it probably doesn't have to be the point of this meeting anymore. The Biofach is a meeting of the short paths between highly lively potentials, which have the opportunity to turn the more-than-niche [...]

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Cunsumers like more and more plant-based food

Plant-based products go premium as consumer interest rises says GlobalData As we are in the midst of Veganuary, consumer interest in plant-based products has gone beyond product origin into product quality. Consumer survey research from 2019 Q3* shows that the majority of respondents, equating to 71% of global consumers, find plant-based food/drink products somewhat/very appealing, according to leading data and analytics company GlobalData.  

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Within just a few years, NATEXPO, the unmissable event for organic professionals, has become the birthplace of everything organic in all sectors: food, cosmetics and hygiene, dietary and food supplements, ingredients and raw materials, household and personal products and services, or services and equipment for retail. "Green giant", "subzero" system, "healthionism", etc:
TrendSourcing, expert in green, clean and sustainable
lifestyle for 20 years, decrypts for NATEXPO all [...]

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Networking Conference Sourcing Trends 2019 in Hamburg was a complete success

More than 70 managing directors of manufacturers, buyers from the raw materials and organic sector, decision makers from import and certification, in short a top-class professional audience, who came together to discuss market situation, development and current trends. At the start, Ms. Schaack from AMI GmbH was able to shine: good news on the German organic market and the situation of organic farming. Nearly 15% [...]

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If organic food still wants to stay ahead … What has to happen?

There is currently no lack of tailwind from the current environmental issues. But the conversion to organic products that are sold and really accepted by the consumer and organic purchases will only succeed if the bio-supply can provide good answers to the current challenges. What belongs to it? 1. Credible, good-tasting and clean composition-ready meat substitutes ready to go. Despite all the adulation of cooking [...]

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