When it comes to food, we can also be emotional, because food is the erotic of survival and taste: a big stack, maybe a golden one as a sign of masculinity and yes this sticky vegan stuff as proof of bitchy-immature femininity?
Or the moral card: pity the cute and actually intelligent pigs and their fate and save the world by trying to do without meat?

If you are looking for a good scenario for a horror film today, you no longer have to resort to brutal battle scenes as before, a slaughterhouse for pork and – this is absolutely necessary – immersion in the life of the people working there.

The fear of a virus that is still not under control and the fear of your own unwanted death suddenly make you think. And to put it drastically: if you keep working slaves who carry the plague into their own surroundings because they have no chance of escaping it, the advantage of cheap auxiliary workers becomes a danger. In Central Europe in particular, even politics like Corona rely on the insight and prudence of all people. It’s good.
But we are seeing very clearly that all the negative impulses such as giving up and failing have their limits.

Let’s apply this to the food. People don’t just eat with the brain and even less with the moral index finger. Therefore, all those who want to offer something different instead of meat should make sure that such offerings tempt and taste so that not only the brain likes them but also the palate.
The organic industry in particular has a sore point here: time and again there was more like-minded cuisine than taste in the offers. Many of the tofu offerings can sing a song about it. Alleged solutions from cashew mass from jackfruit and tempeh sing along in this choir of alleged meat alternatives. In addition to meat, the organic industry has so many great ingredients from spices, vegetables and, for example, legumes for this new product world.

Today we are at a point where it could just be shown to the market with organic products: With a real Plan P like delicious plant based products and made from good ingredients.