You could surely go over the fair and find out “There weren’t really many fundamentally new products.” Yes “and there was no such clear and visible trend …” Everything is correct. Because it probably doesn’t have to be the point of this meeting anymore. The Biofach is a meeting of the short paths between highly lively potentials, which have the opportunity to turn the more-than-niche organic into a healthy future for everyone. Today, the trade fair tolerates politicians only making half-life statements about organic products, because the trend goes in this direction even without them.
The dividing lines today run between those who see where the dynamics and the future are developing and those who still do not want to admit that the young drivers of bio-development have long since made their choice of what they want to eat, how they want to eat and also find their offers.

The food and organic megatrends are in any case:
More plant-based nutrition, more good proteins for it
More food that maintains health, fewer pollutants and unnecessary additives
Please urgently find solutions that help to recycle packaging
And then there are: solutions for quick and easy consumption that is healthy.

With these trends, organic will have a turnover of 12 billion in Germany, soon 11 billion in France and much more in the USA than in Europe combined. And the future will only be possible if it is finally possible to develop better food from the farmer, healthy soils and good drinking water, many different producers and then the entire trade as a whole. What makes the industry so strong is that it encompasses everything: from the farmers, who can never be underestimated in their ability and intelligence, to consumers who have long known what they want.
Yes, and Biofach is the place where representatives from all of these areas can develop their good common energy, where you can meet, where the conversation leads to new and interesting insights, approaches and solutions and thereby brings these developments forward.