Denmark is concerning organic comsumption the leading country in Europe. We also see mechanisms we already know from Germany in former times: In a situation of a stressed ecomony retailers try to hold customers by lowering prices on basics like milk, potatoes or carrots. And those low conventional prices do put pressasure also on organic prices because now organics seem to be more expensive. 

In other categaries than the basics the organic sales in Denmark did grow like fruit and eggs. And with a total growth of 0,5 % the danish organic situation is still confortable beccause the consumption of organic milk is still high. The new organic winners of 2012 were organic cheese, butter, oranges and more southern fruit, eggs, organic chocolate, the full range of organic juice and organic coffee as well. The sales of those product ranges did balance organic figures 2012 and with a total of 740 million Euro of organic sales the 5,5 Million Danes still do buy per capita still the double of Germans and the triple of French people. The longer the the more the ecologic argumentation in Denmark and also the consumption get more similar to the rest of Europe. No pesticides, no GMO, good taste and more and more convenience are organic essentials for the customer. So the Økologisk Landsforening, giving out these figures has no occasion to be worried: Organic food does spread more in more in the retail, but also in restaurants in a lot of canteens and also in a lot of smaller shops with a high-level offer.