The present government in Denmark has the plan, to get organic comsumption up to 15 % til 2020 from the present 8 %, which is already a lot. Danish retail chains are already on their way: Irma – part of Coop – with more than 25 %, the whole Coop-group with around 10 %, now Dansk Supermarket also hunting into this direction and also smaller ones like Super Best now to follow.Amoung this ambitious surroundings also Danish organic companies with their organisation Organic Denmark now go into this direction. People in charge of export out of twenty organic companies met in Aarhus at Organic Denmark together with external organic top-consultants from Sweden, Germany and France. They started a Danish program for increase of organic food-export, which today is around 20% of the danish production. And there a good possibility of increase to be seen.

At the moment Danish organic export is mainly done by the bigger organic companies. Now Danish government together with Organic Denmark will start an initiative to help small and middle-sized businesses to get into this field. In the export the huge majority of organic export goes to Europe. Mainly to Germany, a part to Sweden, to France and the Netherlands.

So that will be also the focus of this project. The plans follows the former experience of export but also the general size auf the markets: Germany with more than 7 Billion €, followed by France with more than 4 Billion € and with less than 2 Billion € now first Italy and then Great Britain, still suffering from the financial crisis. In all other countries there is organic growth despite the general situation. And the export benchmarking also the situation in the countries helps companies to came to a better performance and to better products as well.