On Anuga Organic Naturland shows Naturland-Fair-Trade-products beginning with Bio Mare, the brand of Wechsler as a new and first organic fair-trade-fish out of Naturland Fair-certification. Naturland has been all the time close to fair-trade-products because their special has been the international certification. But we have to raise the question in charge of the consumers, whether it will be really useful to have a special Naturland-definition of fair-trade: The new Wechsler trouts are coming out of a german lake suttounded by a natural park, Naturland shows also italian pasta of Terra Bio, tomato products made vy La Selva, milk from Berchgtesgadener Land and a lot of Gepa-products also with german fair-trade-ingredients.

Of course it maakes sence to discuss fair-trade-ideas in a new perspective connected not only to the southern hemisphere but also connected to European production really. This will be a fruitful approach. But to the consumers it would be helpful to have this one common defition of fair-trade and not a special defition of Transfair-Max-Havelaer-Fairtrade, Naturland-Fairtrade and others. This makes the thing easyer for consumers. We understand well, that Naturland wants to take advantage of the fact, that Transfair in Germany allows to discvonect Organic and Fair-Trade-Quality and they allow more and more discount shops to use that. But we have to see that the consumers does not really care about this.