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Vegan products for Germany, last time a real hype – but what about the future perspectives?

There is almost a lack of research and suitable figures of the market. So we were happy to have some more information about this with lastest organic awards of retail shops by Diana Schaack, AMI market research. In the past we already remarket, that all the proctions of products, which replace meat hadve had an really increase of production and sales. Buts there figures almost [...]

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For the year 2015 organic consumption in Germany increased in total 11% – a very good perspective for this year

Since 2015 Germany is back at the top of organic development: organic flour, milk drinks, cooking oil, eggs and milk as well had an remarkable increase of consumption. The major growth has to be seen in retail, which also makes constantly 55% of the organic turover. Here growth came back with 13 % and a huge part had been done in the discount shops. The [...]

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Natexpo 18.- 20. Oct. Paris

The bi-annual and largest organic food fair in France with over 10 000 visitors and exhibitors from all over Europe. France has an extremely rising consumption of organic products since 2008 and is therefore of increasing interest as a sales market. With a Bioabsatz worth 5 billion euros, France has firmly established itself as the second most important organic market in Europe. The national subsistence [...]

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UK Organic market with 4 % growth. Now back on the level of the year 2009

This time the soil association had the opportunity to tell good news on organic sales and con-sumption in the UK.Sales of organic food and drink products have bounced back, rising by 4% last year at a time of tumbling food prices and spending.Shoppers spent an extra £1.4m a week on organic products and the organic market exceeded £1.86bn - bringing sales levels back to the [...]

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The latest german food-trends: convenience, vegetarian, pure natural and – if possible – local food

The first demand concerning food is today nearly worldwiide very similar: everybody wants to slim. So that means sugar and fat are in general suspicous parts of the ingredients. Under these conditions German consumers tend to think more parallel to theikr European neighbours now: Modern convenience in Great Britain and France introduced longtime ago now also in Gemany. Quick snacks on the road and easy [...]

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Germany: Organic growth rather moderate, but professionals quite optimistic on BioFach Fair

The growth of organic food comsuption in Germany has been 4,8 % and the whole part is close to 8 Billion Euro. In France it´s coming close to 5 Billion Euro. So the center of Europe is getting a growing organic part. That has been the major impression of the BioFach Fair in Nuremberg.BioFach Fair has been a hotspot this year: more visitors. Compared to [...]

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