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Organic food- and drink-sales in Germany: 10 % plus – now about a total of 9,5 Billion Euro 2016

A very good result fort he organic development with a quite remarkable part of retail: 5,5 Billion Euro. The specialist section came foreward with more new markets and additional surface whereas all those retailers offering a full assortment had a higher part of the increase. Around one third of the growth has been due to higher prices und bigger part due to increase of sales. [...]

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Lets have a look on the organic situation before Biofach in Nueremberg

It is a good tradition to look at the organic situation before Biofach in Nueremberg. Organics is still a growing market in Europe and tghe US. An in the US we have the situation, that we have a more than 40 Billions consumer market with very little growth of organic agriculture in the country. So that means the worldwide competition on raw material is getting [...]

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IFCN: Top 20 dairies – the strongest powers more in the western hemisphere as the typical milk-orientated consumer markets

IFCN, the Dairy Research Network, released this week the actual IFCN Top 20 Milk Processor list. This list ranks the processor giants of the world by milk intake volume. Together, these top 20 processors collect 200 mill ton ME milk, 25.4% of produced milk worldwide.   Farmers of America lead the ranking in the IFCN Top 20 Milk Processors list with a milk intake of 28.1 mill [...]

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SIAL Paris: the exhibition that inspires the world’s food industry nearly booked

Over fifty years ago, the Salon International de l’Alimentation (SIAL) set out to become the world’s premier food exhibition network. In October 2016, SIAL Paris will demonstrate how this biennial fair has indeed developed into the food industry’s front-line event – the ultimate place to discover today’s food trends and explore tomorrow’s innovations.It’s nine months before kick-off and already 90% of the exhibition area has [...]

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Ökobarometer: German consumers – how they see their own organic consumption

Last year they proved again, they are heavy user of organic products 8,62 Billion Euro they spent on that, 4,4 % of the total of food . Yes they buy in normal retail, a bit in open markets and also in specialist shops. Not everybody wants to reveal that the majority of new products has been taken from discount shops.What did they like to buy [...]

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Biofach 2016 – in total it has been a fantastic event – also due to the fact that the Germany organic market did show an excellent performance

Already the subjects, discussed in the alleys of the fair did show, that there is a huge motivation in the market. More variation in future protein offers: pulses, new prepatations out of oil-seeds and perhaps more. No longer only talking about ancient grains, soy and spelt. More inspriration. But every inspiration has the question, where does reliable raw material come from? In basic nutrition we [...]

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