It is a good tradition to look at the organic situation before Biofach in Nueremberg. Organics is still a growing market in Europe and tghe US. An in the US we have the situation, that we have a more than 40 Billions consumer market with very little growth of organic agriculture in the country. So that means the worldwide competition on raw material is getting more and more stressed. Back to Europe: the position of organic products in leading markets like Germany and France is a matter of fact. The food market in these countries needs that part of permanent innovation and vitalisation.

So we have the more and more important question of supply with raw materials. The tendency is, that producers and retail are getting closer to big organic agriculture units to secure the supply more directly and to do another way of sourcing than before. There are more and more annual contracts or similar ideas to secure the supply and meetings like “Sourcing trends” get more and more important.

The key organic comsumption in Germany are fresh fruit and vegetables as well as eggs followed by milk products and a smaller part of organic meat products. The key reason to buy organic products for Germany is to prevent food spoilt by pesticides and unhealthy chemical ingredients.

The organic mass market is dominated by retails and their shop brands. In comparison to France organic specialist shops are nor really doing well. A lot of basic organic food is sold in drogerie markets where the mass comsuption of breakfast products and dry organic supply is covered.

The innovation part of organic products are all the vegan, gluten free, free from – products, are superfoods any kind as well, low-carb offers, raw-products and new protein mixtures and in this field we can assume to see a lot on Biofach 2017. Apart of these offers, which are found also more and more on retails shelfs there is a silent growth of organic convience products and more and more we see that of mechanisms of new products and innovation we already know for years from this market also spread witghin the organic part. We see a lot of various ideas shown on a trade fair like Biofach, but only a small part of this will really succeed.