The first demand concerning food is today nearly worldwiide very similar: everybody wants to slim. So that means sugar and fat are in general suspicous parts of the ingredients. Under these conditions German consumers tend to think more parallel to theikr European neighbours now: Modern convenience in Great Britain and France introduced longtime ago now also in Gemany. Quick snacks on the road and easy meals getting more and more used.And the better the product will be the better is “without”

Without added sugar, withould lactose, without gluteen, without meat, The common trend is not to complete organic assortments like in the past. It is more building up offers for special nutrition, special needs without different allergens.

Getting to the inner circle of organic products they need to show a real contribution to healthy life. If not, they are not really need. And of course there is almost the idea that one shpuld prefer products without a long way to the consumer. 

But on this field consumer dont act really rational. They enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables during the whole year and they dont really care about energy comsumption of delivered products: the answer to the classical question of the apple is still not in mind: What is better: to keep apples fresh and could over the year from nearby or to ship them freshly cropped from overseas. Today “regional” is more a merketing argument.