Availability, offer and price of organic milk will be one of the key-points in the the organic development in Europe. For the mass-markets organic milk together with the key products out of organic fruit and vegetables is a strategic product for the development of the organic market. Bio Austria had interesting facts about that.

Looking at the organic milk production in Europe we recognize that the amount in Great Britain and France seems to be nearly sufficient. But but also learnt from Germany that an enlarged consumption of organic products easily demands a much higher production. Compared to the people Sweden already has an enormoud organic milk-production, but Austria and Denmark are quite extremly higher.

What is even more interesting are the prices. Austria has in comparison with all the other producers the lowest organic milk-prices and sees this fact as a strategic item. Conventional milk in France and Austria are on a very similar level, but regarding the organic price it is much higher in France. On the the other hand the conventional milk-prices in Denmark are high and that causes a higher  organic level as well.

Assuming that level of concentration amoung the European dairies will get even higher we can expect that the price levels one day get in some way more and more a more equal level – we see today that the austrian dairies will use the advantage of their organic milk-proce to be more competitive in the European market.