On our meeting on BioFach Mme Mercier Directrice of the French Organic Agency gave us the last figures: 80% of the french consumers bought organic products in 2012 in super- and hypermarkets. One year before that has been only 61 %. 32 % buy organic on the markets, the before 41%, and 25% in organic specualist shops and 24 % other specialist shops – 26% directly on the farmhouse. Together more than 100% because there was the possibbility to mention the sales channels in parallel.

Organic fruit and vegetables are the leader products of the markets but now also in super- and hypermarkets.Organic beef, porc and poultry, in addition eggs are regularly sold on farmhouses but more and more also in the supermarkets.Typical deli-products and oils sold specially in organic shops but more and more also in supermarkets, whre orhganic milk, cereals and fruit juice are the leading organic products.

It is typical for France, that 93 % of the consumer know and trust the French organic AB-logo, but now also 42% know the new European logo. That is much within only three years. And out of the people buying organic 98 % of the French know their own organic logo but also 61 % the new European logo. This result has been part of the good job the French organic agency has done in last years.

You can also download the french information here