Now the natural food manufacturer Fauser-Vitaquell in Hamburg is able to produce a burger without any artificial ingredients, using only grain products, vegetables and spices. A real natural pleasure. The aim of the development was to develop a product with a good taste that does not necessarily imitate the typical meat taste, but gives the vegan product its own taste. Yes and saturate the product should of course consist of and not predominantly water, seasoned with technical finesse. An independent way. It can be implemented both in organic quality and conventionally. The goods are both subject to cooling and without cooling. The product will initially be presented to selected interested parties in confidence. The testers’ reactions sound promising and enthusiastic. On request you can get direct contact via the editorial team. Please by
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It is simply amazing how this vegetarian market is currently developing. Nestle announces for the American market that it will soon open a huge production of vegetable proteins from heritage and rapeseed. In Canada, almost 100,000 square meters of protein production will soon be built, where pea cultivation is seen as a new agricultural opportunity. And as is well known, the raw material from Beyond Meat ja Roquette, which also produces pea protein on a large scale based on raw materials and cultivation from this well-known breeding method from Equinom. Who would have thought that?