Anyone looking for material for vegetable proteins is faced with many questions. Which products processed by extrusion can be processed into good and that means good tasting dishes and products? The origin from soy, grain gluten, peas, beans and sunflowers are currently available as finished products. Dealing with all product origins requires different techniques: the aromatization and possibly even the subsequent shaping of products succeeds differently.
In the organic sector, there are also special considerations: You actually want such products to be used with raw materials from traceable countries of origin and processing methods. That seder selection limits and creates an additional challenge. I mean, preferably the goods should come from the European Union. originate and have been processed there. This means that some technically interesting solutions are only second choice.
However, anyone who has been dealing with these questions for a long time will also notice that a lot in terms of vegetable proteins is determined by the source material, but almost as much by the type of processing and processing. There is an almost infinite number of products and dishes that can be made and thought of from plant proteins. However, the ingredients and production methods require a great deal of experience and imagination: Should the end product be chilled, fresh or long-lasting? What kind of protein taste do you want to achieve? Which flavor should the end product have?
In most cases it is not even the aim to create a product “like meat” in taste and appearance from vegetable proteins. First and foremost, it is important to develop a product that corresponds to the dishes and flavors that have been learned and, in this sense, simply tastes good. And if you spend a lot of time with it, you will notice that you can achieve this effect without any aromas, secret binders or other chemical tricks. Experience, endless experimentation and knowledge of the possible paths are required here.
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