Networking for organic specialists on commodities and trend commodities.

The first topic will be a market overview of flows of goods and provenances in collaboration with AMI.

Situation on the organic grain and seed market (status and prospects) Diana Schaack, market analyst organic farming

The big topics of the conference are: In partnership with Eurofins Food Safety and new items on this general subject.
Topic Supply with many practical examples from the supply chain of raw materials (Bio, Organic). Keywords could be: Supplier approval, evaluation, focus areas in supplier management, risk analyzes. Aspects of authenticity / food fraud could be complemented. From my point of view, the robust supply chain, in which one effectively checks and controls supply chain and foodfraud risks, is important

Concerning organic palm-oil we are following the current discussions social standards for fair raw materials and food production as well as future orientation and innovative products like organic hemp and the protein-possibillities .’
Ölmühle Oberschwaben – Protein flours and trends in the bio-oil sector
There will be further practical case studies.
We also have a report on palm oil by Daabon directly of the quality manager telling their way of sustainability even if palm oil is very much in discussions

It is known in advance, that a lot of buyers are registered and that until then there are some exciting new developments in the field of novel plant proteins. There will be ample opportunity for talks in the evening between the two days of the conference.

For the 12th  the conference will have a topic with Agrofirm Pole: An experienced offer from Ukraine and Agritrade Ukraine presenting Ukraine companies together with the German-Ukrainian chamber of commerce

After the business lunch the 12ththere will a round-table between offers from Ukraine and the German buyers to give a possibility to talk directly about offers and possibilities for future plannings.

and by the way:the next conference for 2020 is already planned for the 22nd and 23 th sept