There is no german retail chain without a good selection of vegetarian products. They gave a lot of meters to the new chilled food and there are retail chains with a widespread offer of more than 200 to 300 different products in this range. 

On the producers side we see companies producing 25 % to 200% more of these products. Organic soy from Europe is getting rare. The good news is, that these products really have a much better quality than the “old style” vegetarian products. The taste even can convince meat-lovers to switch once a weak.

So we see a constant growth in this section 2012 is has been 12 %, 2013 another 16 % more ans 2014 will be even more. This indication also shows, that organic people think a lot about a good and healthy nutrition and are the forerunner of ecological thinking because meat neads a lot of surface, of feeding and fresh water for the production.