Statistics dont look so bad: There is a growth, but mainly due to higher prices. The sales of fruit or organic potatoes were less but the total turnover much higher. A lot of organic products are sold less mainly amoung discount products like organic eggs, organic carrots, organic cheese in slices.

One of the problems is also that the strongest part of the organic market concerning fruit and vegetables had very high prices and so there has been less consumption.

At the moment the vegetarian products are the real highflyer in the organic market 2012 a growth of 13 %, 2013 of 16 % and 2014 that will be even more. Organic soy from Europe is already a very much stressed raw material and the rteal question for the near furture will be: Out of which raw material will vegetarien products be produced to secure a high quality and transparent offer.


The other question will be be: Where wilöl we find the next organic innivations? Obviously there a lack of convenience products in the market and a lack of innovation.