1993 Coop has been the first retailer in Switzerland builduíng up a strong organic private label. It has been years of passion and innovation to come from that point to the present result of more than 1 600 different organic Naturaplan products as we have today. So with every category and every essential product the customer has the choice between organic and non-organic.

Naturaplan-product have a top-image concerning quality, frehness, convenience and advances packaging for the consumers. And thast is due a lot of efforts during the last 20 years. The vast majority of these products are regional Swiss products. During these 20 years of Naturaplan Coop also built up the tandards of Swiss Organics and built up BioSuisse as the sourcing and certification authority for Swiss organic products. iThe present assortment of Naturaplan is a mirror of swiss organic favorites:Best-selling products are for instance organic croissants ans bread-products.  Alfter that we also fruit liike bananas and lemons and of course also organic milk. This profile of organic consumtion is what we see in Switzerland already for years.

And when we compare the organic turnover of Coop and Migros we see that Coop is still nearly the double of Migros. So there will be almost a lot to do to come to a similar status. That is one of the motivations Mirgos did the cooperation with Alnatura. But to get powerful enough also a very strong fresh organic assortment is needed as well.