Maybe the Stuttgart people will see this brand rather soon. In a south-west German sunday-special “Der Sonntag” Jörg Blumtschi from Migros Zurich pointed out, that Migros first has the plan to improve the performance of the tegut…supermarkets. ” At the moment when this does work” Bluntschi told Kathrin Ganter, ” we plan from 2015 to expand step by step also into the south-wester region of Germany.” In the center of this expansion he sees the Stuttgart area..

Reading carefully this interview one gets to know, that the situation of tegut… has to be improved for instance in the low price segment. And concerning the organic offers the Migros-Boss does not believe it would be necessary to prefer organic sales in any case and under any conditions. And people knowing the Swiss situation also consider that Mogros in Switzerland also built up an own organic offer – but appeartly later than the Swiss Coop group. Migros did more invest in new shop-ideas.and looking at this, that could be also a helpful idea for the tegut…shops.

And overall – what is obvious – whatever Migros wants to decide and to develop with tegut – now beeing No 19 in the german retail chains – it is only a very limited effect one will see.tegut … will never be one of the big points of german retails – the tegut… role can only remain being an innovato, perhaps a forerunner of new development. And to come to this Migros/Zurich is needed..