The numbers concerning organic food from France for 2018 were again and again expected to double-digit growth months ago. With a turnover of 9.7 billion France is in Europe only behind Germany with a turnover of 10.9 billion and thus has a percentage of the inhabitants in a higher bio-consumption than Germany. In the case of foodstuffs for organic products, organic products now reach just 5% in France. And the overall increase of the organic food market in France at 15.7% over the previous year. The German organic food retailers are also not so high, because the German food retailers sell price sensitive, that is at low prices. Unlike France, the German import rate for organic products is higher.

If you look at the organic basket of the French, then there is a slightly higher proportion spent on dry products, while in Germany, the freshness is somewhat more represented.

And if you then talk about distribution channels, then in France, the conventional food chains account for 49%. In a further detail, one resembles itself meanwhile: The growth rates of bio in the specialized trade are also in France clearly below those of the large conventional chains. As the increasing acceptance of organic products in France is also linked to the fact that the majority of the goods originate from France, it can be seen that the big chains here have learned very well how to organize their flow of goods directly from their own country how to do that a lot longer in Austria In Germany, this is still less successful because neither many consumers nor discounters and others are willing to curb their price competition as the main selling point. For a solid development in our own organic cultivation, the German price level is too low.

This fact inhibits in Germany also the direct marketing of organic products, which works much better in France and also organic in the gastronomy.

From this point of view, the current biotech numbers from France are not only very pleasing on the whole, but also have a very solid basis in detail, from organic farming to consumer behavior