No one would have thought twenty years ago that they would bring new cookbooks from New York. Today, this is a good idea, and if you have in mind, that Ney York is not equal to the United States, then but always an indicator. Twenty years ago, there was a deli in downtown Manhattan with German brown bread, today you get this already at the Deli around the corner. Any type of milk substitute of plant origin is also available, similar to the selection in the hotel for the coffee. You have to be careful when shopping that you do not get vegan instead of regular cheese.
What sets modern food apart from Europe? It is more colorful because cross-over of many cultures and not just dominated by Mediterranean food culture. As a result, the vegetarian offers are much tastier. Fresh-cut and tasty ready-made vegetarian salads and dishes have made it into many offers. Meanwhile, Amazon, the largest livestock-based lilac Whole Foods, has already made it into the guidebook, according to the motto: If you’re looking for something tasty on the go in the city or in Central Park, then there.
Oh yes and Whole Foods: What differentiates this organic market chain from about the organic offers in Germany or France? First and foremost: the offer is simply less dogmatic in its choice: not 100% organic and at any price. (A Propos Price: Foods are in the US anyway rather expensive.) The offers of Whole Foods markets is above all fresh and delicious – a lot of counter products, much half-finished and ready-made convenience offers. Even in the big city a good selection of local products. Organic quality, where available and useful. In terms of food, the city has remained true to its ancient multi-cultural heritage in a new way – meaning that vegetarian influences from all over the world are far more important as taste ingredients than the proven clean quality.
If you look at the hotspots of the local younger generation, they are definitely far more vegetarian than before.
In this respect, the city also reflects in terms of food what European exporters tell us about their everyday lives: proper prices for food are paid here, and the perfection of food certificates may be considered a bit more relaxed. If the result tastes – but not a bad mix. And remember that the US is still the world’s largest organic market and still ranks ahead of Europe as a whole. And it is our concern to see the food trade in particular with the glasses of consumption and eating habits, because this constitutes the inner core of the market.
This also means that in many of the Whole Foods markets you can not only find a real and great restaurant, but also participate in events around food and cooking.
Oh yes, and this should also be noted: Whole Foods not only pay with the Amazon app, you get as a prime customer benefits, a development that should be of interest to the German food market: instead pay soon with credit card rather with the app.