The present leader of the group Karl-Erivan W. Haub stated that the focus of the group will on their way of sustainability and organic products also facing the fact, they are now in the german food market only one of the smaller players.

Kaiser’s Tengelmann

In 2ß12 with 17.882 people employed and 513  shops they had a turnover of 2,16 Mrd. Euro. Turnover went back also that year because they have been finishing the reconstruction of the food chain and have been just closing down their last activities in the Frankfurt area.

The present strategy is focussed on fresh und quality- products and also on the organic shop-brand “Naturkind” which has been the first of theese organic brands in Germany, as Karl-Erivan W. Haub stated.


The commitment to this idea has already a quite lang history with Tengelmann. Preserving the nature has alredy been the focus of the former generation – so also Kaiser-Tengelmann will continues for example buy offering shopping bags made of sugar-canes to have an eco-friendly alternative.