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On which products and consumer-targets growth of the organic market could be based-on?

  To recognize that, we should start withe strong points of the market we already saw in 2017: The organic growth in the individual distribution channels is becoming increasingly divergent: in the volume market of dairy products, the full-range producers are now gaining in points. Only with organic cheese can the discount play to its strengths. Only a small part of the growth is probably [...]

01. October 2018|

Sourcing Trends in Hamburg: a successful networking conference.

Around 65 buying specialists were offered a top-class information program on the two days of the conference and discussed this at the appropriate level. There was a lot of open discussion and there was a lot of information The start was, as always, the market situation: Diana Schaack from AMI spoke on the topic: "Plant-based proteins for humans and animals - market supply and development [...]

26. September 2018|

An analysis of the development of German organic market with the viewpoint of a customer looking for future orientation

In Germany you have to face this question more and more clearly. The payers of the last two years show that the organic specialist trade is getting more and more on the defensive and the poor numbers of this distribution channel are about in comparison to drugstores and Discount also not nice to talk. The old-school organic consumer  still remembers the hour of the pioneers, [...]

07. September 2018|

This year it has not been easy for the AMI-Experts to give a clear summary of the German organic development of the first six months

But there are a number of interesting results: Households in Germany spent around 4.3% more money on organic food and beverages in the first half of 2018. The hypermarkets, discounters and drugstores were the main beneficiaries. By contrast, the farm shops and the remaining canals declined. The discounters and hypermarkets are expanding their organic range and are thus increasingly competing with the organic food trade [...]

07. September 2018|

For the acceptance of food, seals play a major role among German consumers

What "Splendid Research" investigates and identifies here is extremely characteristic of German consumer behavior. The importance of seals: "They showcase packaging, decorate a variety of products and classify services: labels are an indispensable part of trade and services. The customer receives information about the quality of consumer goods through them and thus has the opportunity to make his purchasing decision. For a company such a [...]

17. April 2018|

Fair-Trade-Kaffee und Fair-Trade-Kakao sollen gefördert werden – einen guten Ansatz, aber (noch) nicht durchdacht

Die Initiative von Minister Müller, eine solche Beförderung zu fordern, ist in der Sache richtig. Wir alle wissen, dass bei Kaffee und Kakao am Ende zu wenig Geld in den ursprünglichen Plantagen der Züchter verbleibt und dass die Gewinne vor allem durch die Vermarktung der Produzenten abgeflossen sind. Aber der Teufel steckt im Detail. Es gibt keine wasserdichte einheitliche Definition: Es gibt eine Reihe von [...]

02. April 2018|