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Italy back again in organics: with 12% of agricultural surface and 3,4 % organic high level consumption

During the assembly held on May 9 in Milan at TuttoFood international exhibition, AssoBio presented Nielsen data on the trend of organic food sales in Italian supermarkets.In this sales channel, from January to April 16, 2017, total food sales (food + drinks + pet food) increased by 3.7%, up from 0.5% in 2016 (AssoBio warns that the figure may be somewhat doped by the inclusion [...]

24. July 2017|

Organic ingredient and raw material sourcing take centre stage at Natexpo 2017

For the first time in its history, NATEXPO is to host a sector entirely dedicated to organic ingredients and raw materials within its exhibition space. From 22 to 24 October this year at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, French and foreign professionals will thus have an opportunity to discover all of the aspects of the organic sector and the potential it offers in the fields of health food, [...]

20. June 2017|

organic Consumption in Europe: After Germany with around 10 % growth France does indicate even 21 %

Already the German figures published in the beginning of february did indicate, that there had been significant plus of consumption in 2016, not only growth due to higher prices of several raw material. And now France is able to top this develpment: 21% is the oficial forecast of the French national organic agency and a total turnover of 7 billion Euro organic sales in France. [...]

12. March 2017|

Organic food- and drink-sales in Germany: 10 % plus – now about a total of 9,5 Billion Euro 2016

A very good result fort he organic development with a quite remarkable part of retail: 5,5 Billion Euro. The specialist section came foreward with more new markets and additional surface whereas all those retailers offering a full assortment had a higher part of the increase. Around one third of the growth has been due to higher prices und bigger part due to increase of sales. [...]

09. February 2017|

Lets have a look on the organic situation before Biofach in Nueremberg

It is a good tradition to look at the organic situation before Biofach in Nueremberg. Organics is still a growing market in Europe and tghe US. An in the US we have the situation, that we have a more than 40 Billions consumer market with very little growth of organic agriculture in the country. So that means the worldwide competition on raw material is getting [...]

04. February 2017|