Ukraine offers unique opportunities in terms of land, climate and soil quality. This coincides with the impression in the country. In addition, tastes and figures have shown that the trade in honey, sunflower and sunflower oil, cereals, gluten-free crops such as millet, soya and buckwheat is also developing well. Even soft fruits are becoming more interesting.

As far as organic quality is concerned, Vice-Minister Olga Trofimtseva, who is in charge, speaks openly of a quality problem. Deliveries to customers e.g. in Germany must be professionally prepared with all papers and analyzes done and not be misunderstood as a one-time deal. In other words, it addresses the problems, supports the companies in the development of organic products and provides qualified advice. According to the minister, the goal is to make progress with intelligent offers and competitive prices – but without dumping prices.

Anyone looking around at a food fair can see that there have been active companies such as Agropole, the largest organic millet exporter in the country, as well as smaller and not so professional ones. In between, however, there are always companies with trend products that are interesting even for Central Europe.
In one of the accompanying seminars for this fair, Agritrade Ukraine had pre-lit an interesting accompanying program for manufacturers and suppliers from Ukraine with top-class manufacturers and importers from Germany, who on the one hand made it clear that they are very interested in organic products from Ukraine, if In the future, there will be better logistical possibilities and predictable deliveries and, in addition, a common understanding of quality will be adhered to. “Bio is a cropping philosophy and not the fact that you can not detect pesticides,” said a well-known importer. As the agri-food sector is currently a valid factor for Ukraine and the country’s further development, the relevant ministries in Germany and the Ukraine, for example through the Agritrade project, work together to strengthen the conditions for trade.

In addition to such impulses, it will be important for the future Ukraine, with its actors as a biotech supplier, to gain the trust of its customers and that a mutually agreed cooperation on the part of both sides leads to the undeniable use of the great resources available.

The Charts for the Meeting by Mr. Holstein. here

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