There is currently no lack of tailwind from the current environmental issues. But the conversion to organic products that are sold and really accepted by the consumer and organic purchases will only succeed if the bio-supply can provide good answers to the current challenges. What belongs to it?

1. Credible, good-tasting and clean composition-ready meat substitutes ready to go. Despite all the adulation of cooking and cooking programs etc. more and more convenience is needed

2. Healthy and delicious answers to the vegetarian burger hype. If there is a trend, it always offers a chance to occupy it positively

3. Offers with a health concept for all nutritionally acceptable as high-quality products such as legumes, nuts, superfoods of all kinds

4. Offer the fresh bio nutrition, especially from vegetables and fruits as a food and nutrition concept.

Remember consumers: people are not looking for products, but for visions, for ingredients for health, beauty and a good life. If organic products do not transport that, then even the best environmental policy insight into the meaning of organic products does not help.