Danish Agriculture minister Mette Gjerskov want to bring foreward this with agroup out of six ministers. The symbolic aim doesnt mean that they really want make pigs fly and take of, but they see flying to the moon as a symbol. One should dare to plan the unthincable plan like the american to send Neil Armstrong to the moon, that was the essence of the talk of the minister.

They want to bring together animal-welfare, preserving nature, effeciency an a new architacture of stables for pigs. What today is to be seen as a visionshould come true by this new three-years-project. The new plan shall also create jobs, increase production but without negative effects on invironment and people. The practical key point her eis that the sewage should be used in a useful way and without inferfering the people around. This combination of the ministers plan is also a bit like the moon because they want to achieve a combination which today seems to be impossible, because in reality more pigs means more negative effects on environement and people.

That ist he reason why the mnisters want to bring together specialist of different disciplines –architacture, technical experts, people of the pid-business to create a new state of the art, a way of  „green pig fattening“as a combination of effeciency and keeping nature clean. In our point of view that also could be a good project of organic faming. In any case danish invited all possible partners to be part in this visionary project.den.