Regularly A.T. Kearney is asking consumers to see the demand in the Germany-Austria-Suisse region.More than  35 % out of a sample of 1000 of the latest study do buy local food more than once a week.

That is agrowing demand and consumers do not only buy this directly: Ther majority of local food is taken in small supermarkets but also in discount shops.i

Looking at the normal habits of these german speaking consumers they would like to buy more in their favourite shops, dem big supermarkets, where they get everything or really with the nice experience oin real market atmosphere on open markets.


80 % say they are buying local food more than once a month, 65 % once a week, 17 % more than last year. General turnover of the retail hat been last year 210 Billion Euro, Germany 164, Austria 19 und Switzerland 27. Today nobody knows exactly, which part isd held by local food..

But to be honest: Perhaps it is also the best solution like that, because there is part of the consumers liking the illusion of local food. But we have to consider, that the possibility of local food is limited.

Since fuel and gaz-production out of natural ingredients is a highly profitable and supported way for farmers ist is less easy to concince them to care about this.