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German organic market


The german organic market: Germany is nevertheless the biggest organic market in Europe. And the consumer market is growing – more than 9 % last year. The percentage of organic food-comsumption in Germany is less than 4 % of the total food comsumption – less percentage than in Denmark, Austria and Switzerland – but the market is quite bigger.  At the moment the region with the highest organic consumption are in south. But also in the region north of Frankfurt the regional food-chain tegut... is selling more than 20 % organic food in their shops.

35 % of the organic food is sold in normal supermarkets and hypermarkets, 25 % in health shops or organic specialist shops, and 20 %in discount shops and every distribution channel is putting the weight on different product ranges and qualities.

Geramny needs a high percentage of imported organic products – and not only in the typical range of overseas products like rice, coffee, tea or cacao. A growing percentage of organic milk, organic fruit and vegetables, grains and seeds has to be imported.


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