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Organic contact

  • Natexpo 2017 with Ingredients and raw materials sector

     SOURCING Finding ingredients has become a real challenge for companies working in the European organic industry. With consumption of organic products growing fast, the issue of sourcing is now a strategic subject for all players, whether in the search for new suppliers, the strengthening of existing relations with partners or setting up new local and national supply streams MAJOR TRENDS mehr »

  • FoodExpertise A foodscout to vegan, glutenfree, fair and organic food

    If you produce products in this field and would like to sell them and Gemany or France, we can tell you, hat you have to do and where you will find your targets and sales. We are looking for innovations of vegan, glutenfree, fair and organic products. We have a network to different retail and other contacts. We are working for big retail clients and producers, sometimes from the sourcing of raw material till the finishing of product development. Just pick up the phone  0049 7243 766 8560 mehr »

  • Citoyens-du-monde Import-Export

  • Comshop Communication & Conseil GmbH

    Organic Networking for succes   More than 15 years in the organic field in central Europe and more than 30 years experience in food and retail. Our organic support to develop organic products, assortmentsorganic and to find sales-leads in central Europe, to procure market-research and informations and to find out the right market-strategy and help to fulfil. We are delivering  strategies for the organic market mehr »

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