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  • 29.01.2013

    The Nielsen Company: German Organic preview for 2012

     After a very strong organic growth period in 2011 with more than 10 % plus, the urnover of organic food in supermarkets had a bit more than 5 % plus in 2012. The sales of conventional food grew during the same period quite less. What effected a lot on this part of the market has been in 2012 the final decline of the drug-market-chain Schlecker which has been pressing down the non-organic sales in this field. But in the end the failure of the former no.1 in this field did not mean really a lot. mehr »

  • 28.01.2013

    A brandnew European Organic award on BioFach 2013

      Four European retail-chains have been selected before the fair BioFach, the world’s leading organic trade-fair, to be the most remarkable chains doing organic efforts. They are not the only ones but perhaps these lighthouses could encourage other chains to do similar efforts. The following chains have been chosen: Irma from Denmark, Tegut from Germany, Auchan from France and Norma with their Austrian branch for European Organic Award „ Top-level Bio 2013“. mehr »

  • 26.01.2013

    Denmark: And the organic Oscar goes to....

    Six Danish outstanding organic products were awarded Økologisk Guld 2012, the "Organic Gold Award 2012". Some award-winning products can be met at Organic Denmarks's joint stand at BioFach 2013. mehr »

  • 25.01.2013

    Denmark: Organic Food is geeting more popular in canteens and restaurants

    343 gastronomy and catering establishments in Denmark carry the organic food logo in gold, silver or bronze. mehr »

  • 22.01.2013

    The situation of organic food in Germany: Looking around in the consumers poerspective

    You more and more discover organic details. A good hotel is offering organic eggs for breakfast in order to show, that they have good food. mehr »

  • 16.01.2013

    Danish neigbours a thinking about their plan „pig in the moon“

    Danish Agriculture minister Mette Gjerskov want to bring foreward this with agroup out of six ministers. The symbolic aim doesnt mean that they really want make pigs fly and take of, but they see flying to the moon as a symbol. One should dare to plan the unthincable plan like the american to send Neil Armstrong to the moon, that was the essence of the talk of the minister. mehr »


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