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  • 19.03.2013

    Germany: Organic performance of specialist shops, farmshops, butchers and open markets

    Already to define the database of this sales channel is not easy: around 23 to 24 % of the total German organic sales. But more important are the real sales highlihghts of this distributio. We recognize like in France in Germany the specialist shops taking their chance mainly in those categories where the normal retail does not have the best performance. mehr »

  • 18.03.2013

    Germany: Who are the major players in food-retail concerning organic food

      We dont have complete figures, but we have as an indicator the sales in fresh food. The research institute AMI did an evaluation of the GfK Household-panel-data concerning fresh-food-sales of the major players in Germany. Taking together the different sales channels we see that that the Edeka group without Netto-Dicounter is ahead follwed by ALDI south and Rewe without the Penny-discounter. mehr »

  • 17.03.2013

    Migros plans to expand in Germany with the tegut...-shops to the south-west

    Maybe the Stuttgart people will see this brand rather soon. In a south-west German sunday-special "Der Sonntag" Jörg Blumtschi from Migros Zurich pointed out, that Migros first has the plan to improve the performance of the tegut...supermarkets. mehr »

  • 14.03.2013

    ANUGA Köln 9. October 2013 with a new impact to organic food

    With new regulations to the organic part Anuga points out that organic food is a strong part of food innovation. So the fair does strengthen the organic profile. The 32nd Anuga, which takes place from 5th to 9th October 2013, will once again be the world’s largest and most important meeting place for the food and beverage sectors. About 6,700 suppliers will come together with around 160,000 potential customers from the food trade and the catering sector  mehr »

  • 21.02.2013

    Organic milk-production and milk-prices in Europe

    Availability, offer and price of organic milk will be one of the key-points in the the organic development in Europe. For the mass-markets organic milk together with the key products out of organic fruit and vegetables is a strategic product for the development of the organic market. Bio Austria had interesting facts about that. mehr »

  • 21.02.2013

    BioFach 2013: a very positive outlook of 2013 edition

    41,500* trade visitors (2012: 40,315) from 129 countries (international share 43 %) were delighted with the usual high-quality, varied and innovative range of products from the 2,396* exhibitors (2012: 2,420) at this year’s edition of the mehr »

  • 21.02.2013

    France: More than 4,1 billion euros spent 2012 on organic products

    On our meeting on BioFach Mme Mercier Directrice of the French Organic Agency gave us the last figures: 80% of the french consumers bought organic products in 2012 in super- and hypermarkets. mehr »

  • 15.02.2013

    Four Bio-Top-Level 2013 and 23 german organic top-adresses BioFach 2013

    High class representatives out of the retails chains from Austria, Denmark, France and Germany had a look at the changes and development of their markets and the organic growth. The French retail-chain Auchan with the first 100% organic supermarket Cœur de Nature, Irma, today part of Coop Dänemark, Norma Austria and tegut, today part of Migros Zürich Switzerland. They all got a top-level award 2013. mehr »

  • 08.02.2013

    France: 10. Organic barometer of the national agency with CSA: There is a positive change now

    64% als the French now took organic food in 2012, and 43% even once a month. In the time of financial crisis french consumers went back to their typical values in consumption and buying food. 71 % in this survey told that they care a lot about buying products telling that they are protecting the natural environment. In 2011 it was only 66 %. mehr »

  • 08.02.2013

    Danish Top-Chefs for BioFach 2013

    In collaboration with Organic Denmark, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council is proud to present the up-and-coming star chefs Lars Lundø and Frederik Rudkjøbing at the joint Danish stand at BioFach 2013. mehr »


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