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  • 15.07.2013

    In germany the European study concerning environmentally-friendly products has been not really been understood.

    German newspapers and press services made believe that thie survey would be directly connectes to German organic logo, which has not been case. According to a new survey, most Europeans would be prepared to change their purchasing habits and buy more environmentally-friendly products, but many feel they lack information and distrust manufacturers' environmental claims. mehr »

  • 02.07.2013

    Germany: Less growth of discount shops, some more supermarkets

      16 393 discount shops in the end of 2012, 10 505 normal supermarkets and a that time only 10 064 small supermarkets, 1 010  big supermarkets und 894 department stores - all together a bit less than 39 000 shops. That are figures of the European retail institute. mehr »

  • 11.05.2013

    Germany: There a gap between organic consumption and development of production as a study reveals

    Studies like those of  Institut für Organischen Landbau der Universität Bonn are always in a way late, what is no reason to doubt the results: The excellent development of german organic consumption can only go on if there will be also a suitable promotion of development of organic production at the same time. mehr »

  • 30.04.2013

    Germany: Bertelsmann Stiftung is pointing out the german profit out of the euro

    Germany profits considerably from the Euro, as a current model calculation of Prognos AG shows that was drawn up on the order of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. "Germany's membership in the currency union reduces costs for international trade and protects it from strong exchange rate fluctuations," Aart De Geus, chairman and CEO of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, said. mehr »

  • 25.04.2013

    Switzerland: Organic private label Naturaplan - a succes-story of Coop Switzerland

    1993 Coop has been the first retailer in Switzerland builduíng up a strong organic private label. It has been years of passion and innovation to come from that point to the present result of more than 1 600 different organic Naturaplan products as we have today. So with every category and every essential product the customer has the choice between organic and non-organic. mehr »

  • 25.04.2013

    Germany: Sales or fairtrade products growing but from a low level

    Also 2012 fairtrade figures seem to be enormous with a growth of 33 % but only a total turnover of 533 Million Euro and major players amoung these have been bananas and roses. Out of the traditional setup of organic and fair only bananas with 88% organic and fair and coffee with 78% organic and fair are part of the initial intention. Looking at fairtrade-rice and fair-trade chocolate only a bit more than 50% are organic as well. mehr »

  • 25.04.2013

    Denmark: Total organic growth 2012 quite low - but total organic development going strong

    Denmark is concerning organic comsumption the leading country in Europe. We also see mechanisms we already know from Germany in former times: In a situation of a stressed ecomony retailers try to hold customers by lowering prices on basics like milk, potatoes or carrots. And those low conventional prices do put pressasure also on organic prices because now organics seem to be more expensive.  mehr »

  • 12.04.2013

    Denmark: One of the leading organic countries in Europe has a lot of good plans

    The present government in Denmark has the plan, to get organic comsumption up to 15 % til 2020 from the present 8 %, which is already a lot. Danish retail chains are already on their way: Irma – part of Coop – with more than 25 %, the whole Coop-group with around 10 %, now Dansk Supermarket also hunting into this direction and also smaller ones like Super Best now to follow. mehr »

  • 26.03.2013

    Now also Carrefour does a test with a 100% organic supermarket in Paris

    On 20 March, Carrefour opened its 1st store completely dedicated to organic products right in the he mehr »

  • 20.03.2013

    Great Britain: Soil Association gives the report 2013 on organic food

    The last five years have not been easy, again 3,8% organic turnover less in 2012. The organic market is subdued on the high street but booming online and in large specialist retailers. Organic shoppers are increasingly choosing the convenience and variety offered by home delivery and specialist shops over the inconvenience and frustration of finding more limited ranges and stock at many supermarkets. mehr »


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